Does volleyball increase height? Truth be told

October 14, 2018 | By NuBest
We have been discussing at length how nutrition contributes to height growth nearly as much as genetics. However, having a nutrient-rich diet alone cannot ensure you reach your maximum height potential. There are other environmental factors to take into account, and physical activities should strikingly stand out. As a team sport, volleyball has been played around the world and featured in the Summer Olympic Games since 1964. Like many other sports, volleyball delivers a variety of benefits. But does volleyball increase height? The myths surrounding this subject cannot slip without notice; as a result, this article will reveal everything you need to know about volleyball as well as whether it can make you taller or not.

The short history of volleyball

Originated in the United States, volleyball has become a global favorite sport that can be played anywhere by anyone as long as there is a volleyball and a net. The sport has been developed over the years with various refinements and variations, with two of its most famous variations - Beach Volleyball and Sitting Volleyball both featured in the Summer Olympic Games and Summer Paralympic Games respectively.

Volleyball rules are relatively simple. There are two teams, each consisting of six players separated by a net. Each team tries to get the ball to touch the other’s court in order to score. The team that wins 3 sets will be the winner. Apparently, the sport brings about a feeling of fun and excitement for not only the players but also the spectators. But what are the other benefits of volleyball? Particularly, does it increase height?

How does volleyball increase height?

If you search online, volleyball is often mentioned in the list of sports to grow taller. This is, in fact, true. While protecting their team’s court and attacking the opponent’s to score, each player has to simultaneously carry out several forms of movement such as jumping, spiking, blocking, etc. These moves stimulate bone growth and strengthen your muscles in the back, abdomen, and shoulders.

In particular, the standard volleyball net height is 7 feet, 11 ⅝  inches (2.43 meters) for men and 7 feet, 4 ⅛ inches (2.24 meters) for women [1]. As a result, players have to make high jumps to be able to serve a volleyball, spike it, or block it. In doing so, the whole body momentarily escapes the force of the Earth’s gravity. The bones in the spine are relaxed and stretched whereas the discs between the joints are expanded maximally. These altogether boost the growth of cartilage tissues effectively and positively affect bone formation, thereby fostering rapid height growth for volleyball players.

Moreover, while playing volleyball, players must constantly move and change positions, thus applying a lot of pressure on the knee area. This stimulates the cartilage in the knees to grow more, with new cartilage layers continuously produced and old ones gradually mineralized into bone, which allows players to grow taller naturally.

Useful tips to play volleyball to increase height

In order to get taller by playing volleyball, you need to be aware that the height-increasing effect of the sport relies on three factors, namely time, frequency, and techniques.

When to start playing volleyball

As volleyball requires a great deal of physical strength, you should not let children practice the sport when they are too young or not healthy enough to play in a proper way. The best age to start practicing volleyball is over 10. This is when children are on the verge of going into puberty - a "golden stage" to promote height growth. Parents should ensure the height of the volleyball net is appropriate for their children’s ages in order to encourage them to jump and hit the ball.


Height growth occurs when there is sufficient stimulation, not too little nor too much. Therefore, the frequency of playing volleyball is also an important factor that directly affects height gain for players. Parents should let children practice volleyball for 3 sessions per week, each session lasting 1-2 hours. In case they have a passion for volleyball and decide to pursue it, the practice time can be increased to help them improve their skills as well as strength. However, the frequency of practicing volleyball ought to be reasonable. Make sure to take proper rest during practice to facilitate favorable conditions for height development.


Every sport has certain rules that the players must follow. Likewise, so as to actively support musculoskeletal systems and boost height growth, volleyball players have to perform all of the moves involved in the game such as serving, spiking, or blocking correctly. As soon as you begin to practice volleyball, you should spend time learning and mastering its rules and techniques to play the sport properly and safely, eventually accelerating your height growth successfully.

What else to add to your volleyball routine to increase height?

While consuming nutritious foods is beneficial for your overall health and height growth, maintaining a healthy eating pattern on a daily basis would build a fast, lean, and fit volleyball player. If you really love the game, then make sure your daily intake includes nutrient-rich carbohydrates (brown rice, grainy bread, wholemeal pasta, or quinoa); lean protein (poultry, lean red meat, eggs, seafood, lentils, and dairy); healthy fat (olive oil, avocado, fish, and nuts); and plenty of fruits as well as vegetables [2]. Your individual intake should be tailored to your size, frequency of training, and nutritional requirements.

Should you find it hard to consume all that nutrients, you can always count on some supplements. As one of the available supplements on the market, NuBest Tall has been helping children (5+) and teenagers meet their goals by providing their growing bodies with bone-nourishing nutrients including calcium, collagen, and precious herbs.

Apart from nutrition, adequate hydration is essential for volleyball practice. Although volleyball is usually played indoors in a controlled environment, players can still lose significant amounts of body fluids owing to the intensity and physical demands of the sport. The last but not least factor to take into account for success in growing taller by playing volleyball is sleep. Proper sleep gives your muscles the much-needed time for growth and repair. Believe it or not, most of your height growth takes place during sleep, at which point the pituitary gland produces growth hormone at peak levels. 


All in all, by incorporating these factors into your volleyball practice routine, you can achieve your desired height in no time! Still, keep in mind that playing volleyball to grow taller is only effective as long as your growth plates have not closed yet. Once this happens, however much you practice, your height cannot be altered naturally.




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