The role of vitamin D3 in height growth

January 14, 2019 | By NuBest
Many people often think calcium supplementation is sufficient for height growth. This viewpoint is true but not enough because the body cannot absorb calcium optimally without vitamin D3. Once the body cannot absorb calcium, your height growth, as well as your health, will be adversely affected.

Vitamin D exists in many different forms (vitamin D1, vitamin D2, vitamin D3, vitamin D4, vitamin D5), two main forms of which are vitamin D2 (Ergocalciferol) and vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol).

Vitamin D3 is usually accumulated in the liver, fat tissues, bones, muscles, intestinal mucosa and easily soluble in fat. The chemical structure of vitamin D3 was formed from the action of ultraviolet (UV) radiation on 7-dehydrocholesterol which is vitamin D3's precursor. When we are exposed to the sunlight, our skin will synthesize vitamin D3 on its own.

When we are exposed to the sunlight, our skin will synthesize vitamin D3 on its own.

The role of vitamin D3 in the human body

The role of vitamin D3 in the gastrointestinal tract: If vitamin D3 deficiency occurs, the gastrointestinal tract will lose the balance between the beneficial and harmful bacteria, which increases the risks of adiposis hepatica and hyperglycemia. In particular, vitamin D3 can also synthesize essential proteins in small intestine and duodenum to "transport" calcium across intestinal membrane, which prevents the accumulation of high levels of calcium in the intestines.

The role of vitamin D3 in kidneys: Too much calcium intake will easily lead to calcium excess in the body. At this time, the body needs enough vitamin D3 to reduce the reabsorption of calcium in renal tubules, which effectively supports the elimination of calcium by urinary tract and prevents the risk of kidney stones.

Vitamin D3 can prevent common diseases: Some scientific studies have confirmed that people with vitamin D3 levels of less than 10 nanograms/1 ml of blood will have 40% higher risk of fever and flu than those with vitamin D3 levels of above 30 nanograms.

Additionally, vitamin D3 deficiency is extremely dangerous for patients with asthma and respiratory infections. For people with asthma and vitamin D3 deficiency, the risk of respiratory infections is five times higher than those who sufficiently supplement their bodies with vitamin D3.

The role of vitamin D3 in the height growth

Not only does Vitamin D3 play an important role in human health but also affects height growth.

Vitamin D3 in the intestinal mucosa will increase the absorption of calcium and phosphates, which ensures that the body has enough levels of calcium and phosphates for essential activities. If calcium and phosphates reach bones successfully, vitamin D3 will continue to increase calcium deposition in bones and lead calcium to growth cartilages to participate in bone formation in the body.

Vitamin D3 is also called Cholecalciferol.

Vitamin D3 regulates the balance of calcium and phosphates in the body. Without vitamin D3, the process of bone formation for the height growth cannot take place smoothly though your body is sufficiently supplemented with calcium.

When the body is deficient in vitamin D3, the intestines will not absorb enough calcium and phosphates, which makes calcium levels in the blood decrease. At this time, calcium will be mobilized from the bones to stabilize calcium levels in the blood. If this situation lasts, it will cause the body to be deficient in calcium, which makes children grow slowly and suffer from rickets, bowlegs, tooth decay, etc. Adults with calcium deficiency will suffer from osteoporosis, osteopenia and brittle bones. Pregnant women who are deficient in vitamin D3 can cause born babies to suffer from bone defects.

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