Swimming - A great sport to improve height

August 23, 2018 | By NuBest
Why can swimming help increase height effectively and how should we swim in order to obtain optimal height? Let's learn more about this in the article below.

Swimming - A great sport to improve height

Previously, swimming was only considered a form of entertainment of the nobility or for political purposes. Along with the development of society, swimming has become an important skill to survive and confront natural threats and disasters and to meet some jobs that need to be done underwater. However, learning to swim and swimming every day is also important to human physical development, especially height growth. Swimming is considered a perfect sport to promote the height growth effectively.

In order to float and move in the water, we have to move almost all parts of the body and this will also support the height growth. When swimming, shoulders and chests are widened, muscles work maximally and energy consumption is quite great. Therefore, swimming helps swimmers have well-proportioned bodies with slim waists, wide chests, broad shoulders, long arms and legs.

Swimming is a great sport to improve height.

The Earth's gravitational force is one of the factors that hinder the height growth. However, in the water, the gravitational force will be significantly reduced. This is extremely beneficial to the height growth. Furthermore, while swimming, the effect of gravity is eliminated and the entire body all works, which will positively affect and lengthen the spine. Swimming also helps strengthen back muscles and nourish joints better, thereby making the body become firm and facilitating the height growth.

Growth hormone is an important factor which directly affects the height growth. The more the growth hormone is produced, the more effectively the height increases. While swimming, the body must work continuously and must face water resistance to move forward, thereby facilitating the production of nitric oxide and lactate. These are also two important factors which effectively affect the growth hormone production. Thanks to this benefit, swimming becomes a perfect choice to promote optimal height growth.

Some notes about swimming

When choosing swimming to improve height, you should pay attention to some important points as follows:

Swimming style that helps increase height most effectively: Swimming is considered the best height-increasing sport. However, each swimming style will have effects on the body parts at different rates and the swimming style which has the most positive effects on the height growth is front crawl. This swimming style requires the legs to bend and stretch and the body to stretch forward while maintaining constant and alternate tension between arms and legs, which leads to flexible moves in joints. Therefore, front crawl is supposed to be the swimming style that promotes the height growth most effectively.

Front crawl is the swimming style that promotes the height growth most effectively.

Time to learn swimming: Learning and maintaining regular swimming from an early age will facilitate children's height growth. Parents can let children learn swimming when they are 3 years old. At that age, children are able to understand and follow instructions effectively.

Proper swimming frequency: It's not necessary to go swimming every day. Performing about 2-3 times per week with each time of 30 minutes-1 hour can improve height significantly, especially in puberty from 11 to 16 years old.

Swimwear: You should choose swimwear which does not cause the feeling of discomfort and has elastic materials because some fabrics are easy to shrink when they get wet. Swimming caps and swimming goggles are also familiar items that should not be missed when swimming.

What to eat before and after swimming: You should not eat your fill before swimming. You should eat a snack about 2 hours before swimming, drink a glass of milk, juice or water about 30 minutes before swimming. After finishing swimming, you should pay attention to nutritional supplementation, especially protein-rich foods such as fishes, chickens, turkeys, beef, eggs and low fat cheese to restore lost energy during swimming.

For optimal results, in addition to playing sports such as swimming, we also need a proper diet combined with proper rest and use of some bone growth supplements.

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