Some height-increasing sports for males

September 17, 2018 | By NuBest
Proper exercise is the tip to increase height effectively that males should not ignore if they want to improve their modest height. Let's learn more about some height-increasing sports for males in the article below.


When watching basketball games, it is not difficult to notice that all players are extremely tall. Thanks to the process of practicing and playing basketball frequently, the players can own such impressive height.

Basketball is the first choice if you want to increase height

When playing basketball, the players frequently make vertical jumps and stretch their bodies in order to put the ball into the basket. At that time, their bodies will no longer be controlled by the Earth's gravity and the discs between the joints will be expanded maximally. This helps the joints become more flexible and stimulates the process of bone formation from cartilages. Practicing basketball at least 1 hour per day is a way to increase height that males cannot ignore.


Pull-up is an exercise that is quite familiar to males. Doing pull-ups will help stretch the whole body, thereby making the cartilages at the epiphyses are expanded maximally. As the adjacent epiphyses are pulled apart, the pressure of the bones on the cartilages between the two adjacent epiphyses is no longer present, which helps new cartilages be produced more easily and facilitates the height growth.

Pull-up is an exercise that is quite familiar to males.

Furthermore, pull-up is a simple and convenient exercise that can be done at home and appropriate for busy males who are in and after puberty but do not have time to participate in outdoor activities.


Swimming is a height-increasing sport that we cannot ignore. This is a sport that is capable of promoting the height growth very effectively. While swimming, the body parts will work rhythmically in combination with regular breathing rate. Arms and legs tend to stretch out to help the body move smoothly in water. Moreover, swimming is good for the cardiovascular system, helps the lungs work better and widens shoulders and chests.

Swimming is a sport that is capable of promoting the height growth very effectively.

Many studies has demonstrated that swimming also stimulates the growth of cells and muscles, thereby helping us own a tall and firm body. More importantly, swimming helps the body consume much energy and stimulates us to eat more and sleep better, which is very beneficial to the growth hormone production and the height growth.

In fact, swimming is a sport that is appropriate for both females and males and helps us practice underwater self-defense skills, thereby helping us protect ourselves most effectively.


Being one of the most popular sports all over the world, football gives the players not only firm and well-proportioned bodies but also ideal height.

Football is a sport that requires the players to use many skills at the same time such as good running, quick reaction, good jumping to catch the ball and power to kick the ball and score. In the process of using these skills to play football, our bones become stronger and suppler and the discs are expanded maximally while jumping to head the ball, thereby stimulating the production of new cartilages. As a result, the process of bone formation will take place effectively, which helps facilitate the height growth.

Football is a sport that requires the players to use many skills at the same time.

Hopefully, the above useful information has partly helped males know how to choose an appropriate sport to improve health and increase height. Moreover, in order to increase height effectively, males need to pay attention to other factors such as adequate nutrition, regular practice and proper rest.

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