Nanometer Calcium - A solution to maximize height potential

May 18, 2010 | By NuBest
Nanometer Calcium is a new kind of Calcium prepared according to nanotechnology which could be a remedy the disadvantages of normal Calcium.

What is Calcium?

Calcium (its chemical symbol is Ca) is amongst the most vital chemical elements for human life. According to published scientific researches, for a normal person, calcium accounts for approximately 1.5 - 2% of body weight. This amount includes 0.9% of calcium in cells, 0.1% in blood, and the remaining of 99% of in bones, teeth, and nails.

Calcium is really proactive in its activities and important for human body including:

Immunity system: Calcium could be compared to a ‘captain’ during immune reaction process. This mineral is the factor which could detect diseases penetrating into human body at the earliest time, and then it would activate white blood cells to blockade and to kill bacteria and toxicants causing diseases.

Nerve system: Calcium Ion could be able to facilitate nerve to bring about a sound mind. Children lacking calcium may suffer from infantile colic, startle syndrome, and activity disorder and so on. The elderly lacking calcium would be often forgettable, living with an unstable mind, and would suffer from insomnia or unconscious sleeping, and would easily be frustrated.

Muscle: Calcium Ion has an important role in the activities of muscles (including heart muscle, myon, and smooth muscle tissue). Calcium insufficiency will lead to fatigue.

Skeletal system: Calcium accounts for approximately 70% of bone formation ingredients. Bone is the bracket for the whole body helping the protection of internal body parts such as heart and lung. Skeletal system is also a factor determining the development of children height. An abundant source of calcium would also means that the source of calcium would be sufficient for the development and regeneration. Lack of calcium would cause short stature, small bone, weak bone, slow development, shortness, bone deformation and other problematic issues in children.

Calcium is the most proactive element in human body

How to get enough Calcium?

Calcium could be taken in human body via daily meals through food such as shrimp, crab, holothurian, snail, oyster, fish, seaweed, spinach, egg and milk. However, natural calcium amount could be lost easily during the process of preparation and cooking. Calcium is difficult to be totally absorbed by human body. The reasons include the shortage of vitamin D, calcium disorder diseases, medicines causing blockade to the absorption of calcium, daily eating habits of salty food and fatty food containing Acid Phytic and Acid Oxalic, too much drinking of gasoline beverage and fatty food. Normally, human body could only take in about 20% of calcium amount from food and the remaining amount which would be discharged to outside environment. According to an American Doctor, Joel Wallach (Medical Nobel Prize winner in 1991), lack of calcium is the direct and indirect reasons causing 147 human diseases.

On the contrary, too much calcium (hypercalcemia) can lead to potential risk. Human kidney cannot discharge totally via urology causing unforeseen effects. Hypercalcemia would cause constipation, exhaust, inappetance, short stature, or even height growing stop due to early osteosis. In the long term, this could cause atherosclerosis, heart rate disorder and many dangerous diseases such as kidney stone, kidney calcification, ureterolith and other diseases.

In order to solve the above issues, scientists have applied Nanotechnology to produce Nanometer Calcium to enhance the effectiveness of this mineral towards the height as well as the health of human body.

What is Nanometer Calcium?

Nanometer Calcium, a brand new Calcium with super micro size (<60nm), is prepared according to advanced nanotechnology which could be a replacement for the disadvantages of normal calcium. The process of Nanometer Calcium preparation is a complicated physiological process requiring advanced machines to create homogeneous Nanometer Calcium with the highest degree of purity. In comparison with normal Calcium, Nanometer Calcium possesses much more considerable features such as:

Nanometer Calcium has much smaller size than normal Calcium

Greater absorption capacity compared to normal Calcium: Due to its super micro size (<60 nanometer), Nanometer Calcium possesses a greater solubility, and it would be absorbed fast through intestine and thus a maximum amount of Calcium would be absorbed into blood. In comparison with normal Calcium, the absorption capacity of Nanometer Calcium is many times greater. As a result, using Nanometer Calcium is the effective Calcium supplement for human body in addition to food. This is also the solution highly recommended for people with low absorption ability.

Without any remaining amount like normal Calcium: Due to its super micro size, the high degree of homogeneity and purity, Nanometer Calcium would always be absorbed by human body to the maximum and thus there would be no remaining in intestine. Furthermore, thanks to Nanometer size (nm), Nanometer Calcium would reduce the accumulation and discharge easily through urine. Consequently, nanometer calcium would be the greatest way to prevent constipation and kidney stone.

Higher biological usability compared to normal Calcium: There are many research works proving that biological usability of Nanometer Calcium is greater than normal Calcium. Supplementing Nanometer Calcium could increase internal Calcium concentration and maintain bone mineral density greater.

How to choose a product with the ingredient of Nanometer Calcium

Nanometer Calcium does not contain in food and they could only be found in supplement products. However, Calcium supplement products with Nanometer Calcium in the current market are various in types. In order to avoid low quality products, parents should choose goods with clear origin and from famous manufacturers. Regarding to specialized formulas, safe ingredient would be manufactured by American modern technological chain with better quality because America is a leading country in the nanotechnology worldwide.

In addition, when using supplement products with nanometer calcium, users should comply with the followings:

  • Using proper amount according to instructions.
  • In case customers wants to increase the height fast, customers should use together with a scientific eating habit, exercises, and sleeping early and fully every day.

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