Causes of short stature in children

Causes of short stature in children

July 1, 2019 | By NuBest
With the development of today’s world, being tallness has been considered as a matter of great importance for many modern families. Being aware of this, some parents have been focusing on the improvement of their children’s height. In reality, one could say not everyone was able to reach the goal successfully. This articles will examine the hidden causes in preventing children’s height growth.

A number of factors are decisive in affecting the height development in children including Genetics, Nutrients, Exercises, Sleep and Environment. If any of these is missing, then hardly would the height of our children achieve an optimum growth rate.


Children’s appearances resemble the features of their parent's thanks to genetics. Provided the parents possess a good height, consequently, there stands a good chance their children would inherit this certain trait.

Unhealthy diets

Usual food intakes consumed by children would have a significant impact on their height. Unless they consume enough nutritious food recommended, in the long run, they would well have to face the problems of the nutrient deficiencies. Not only would their health be negatively affected, but also obtaining an ideal height in the future. Scientists have proven that any shortage or excess of nutrient intakes might easily result in several negative consequences.

Sweet drinks, Soda, Fast Food and the like are also considered as the enemies of height growth. They not only contain an excessive amount of sugar but also the number of crucial nutrients is simply not enough.

Common exercise mistakes

It is easy to notice that athletics are averagely taller than normal individuals. This is one example of how important proper exercising is to people’s height growth. Our bone structure is strengthened daily via the metabolism process resulting from exercising. By daily practice, chances of being bone fragmentation also are reduced. Thus, having our children to take part in physical activities daily is recommended.

Sleep late

Whether we could prevent short statures depends entirely on the secretion of growth hormone. According to many studies, the period from 11 PM to 1 AM is the time for this hormone to be produced. Consequently, shallow sleep is the worst thing for our children. It is not easy in this fast-paced life for any parent to have time taking of their children thoroughly. Apart from that, children get exposed to many types of entertainments including internet, games, and movies which are the culprit causing late nights.


The chronic diseases, for example, Cystic fibrosis, Chronic Kidney, Cardiovascular, Tuberculosis can prevent children from reaching their maximum height in the future.


Environment plays a vital part in the increase in height for children. Examples of environmental-related problems are air pollution, noise family matters and mental problems. Any child with a chronic disease will be the factor prevent them from reaching a maximum in the future. The noise would affect the quality of sleep of the children. The expectation from parents might be another factor influencing the child’s mentality growing up.