All you need to know about taking NuBest height growth supplements

September 11, 2020 | By NuBest
For your children to grow taller, taking NuBest height growth supplements can be helpful to unlock their full potential height during growing years. Having in-depth understanding of our height growth supplements can give your kids an extra boost to rock their grow-taller journey.

1. Why do children need to take height growth supplements?

To reach an ideal height as an adult, your child needs proper nutrition to reach their height goals; however, their daily diets are not always perfect to meet the recommended amount of vital nutrients. Plus, some kids suffer from malabsorption, a disorder occurring when they are unable to absorb nutrients from certain foods. Also, some can't consume dairy while others are picky eaters. This is quite a challenge to many parents because poor nutrition can result in unhealthy bone growth and a stunted height.

Despite your best efforts to give them a balanced diet, they may be falling short of certain nutrients for height gain. Taking height growth supplements, therefore, can help not just to correct their nutritional deficiencies but also make them grow taller and healthier during their years of growth.   

2. When should children start taking height growth supplements? Is there a golden stage?

Childhood and puberty are the golden stages to optimize height growth by taking supplements.

Using height growth supplements is among the popular ways to increase height; however, they are useful only for people whose growth plates are still active or “open”. Human bone growth occurs at the growth plates, an area of growing tissues near the end of our legs and arms. It is the growth plates that determine the future length and shape of your mature bones.

We continue to get taller as long as these growth plates are active - during our growing years. Once they close completely, we can’t grow any taller even when taking height growth supplements. Therefore, children should make the best of their time and take supplements before the end of puberty.

3. When to stop taking height growth supplements? Do growth plates concern with it?

Users should keep taking height growth supplements continuously until their growth plates close completely.

In most cases, growth plates fuse completely no later than age 20. The complete fusion of growth plates varies among individuals - it can occur earlier in some people and later in a few others. But once they close thoroughly, it’s unlikely for us to grow taller naturally (except having leg-lengthening surgery).

To determine exactly the status of your growth plates, you should have an X-ray at a medical facility. You can also monitor your height in the last 12 months as a relative method. If you have not grown any taller during such a long time, it may be a sign that your growth plates fused absolutely.

It is important to note that there’s no point taking any height growth supplements when your growth plates have closed completely. No supplements can reverse this closure to make people taller.

4. How long can I see the visible results?

No doubt, increasing height is not an overnight thing, and that’s why very few people get taller after taking one bottle of product. Your bones do need a specific period of time to absorb all nutrients packed in our capsules, so it’s hard to see the clear results within such a short time. Normally, it takes users at least 6 months of continuous use to obtain the expected height gain.  Plus, please be noted that the results may vary from person to person.

5. How to get the best results with NuBest height growth supplements?

5.1. Follow the dosage guidelines

  • Please follow usage directions on the bottle label. Taking the right dose at the recommended time enables the pill to be absorbed properly and work effectively. Don't miss your dose, and don't double it!
  • Once in a while, if you miss a recommended dose, you can take more capsules on another dose of the day to make sure that you take adequate capsules for that day.
  • For the full effects of our products, do not stop midway or skip the recommended dose.

5.2. ​Have a well-balanced diet

  • Ensure a healthy and nutritious diet with healthy foods rich in protein, vitamins and minerals in your daily meals.

  • Make your dishes greener with more fresh fruits and vegetables as they are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals crucial to bone growth and overall health.

  • Drink more water to promote nutrient absorption.
  • Don’t skip your breakfast. When people say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, they aren't lying. Skipping or having poor breakfast will affect our height badly. To grow taller, we need a nutritious breakfast to start a new day.
  • Cut down on sugary foods, fast foods, salty foods, coffee, wine, beer, carbonated drinks as well as other stimulants. These unhealthy foods and drinks adversely affect the absorption of nutrients that work for your height growth as well as your health.

5.3. Exercise regularly

  • Stay active! Exercising is one of the natural ways to kick-start your height and help you stay fit. Get into a regular workout routine or play sports that benefit height growth, such as swimming, rugby, basketball, volleyball, badminton, cycling, yoga, skipping and so on. These exercises require your body to stretch as well as promote the release of your growth hormone.
  • Note: Choosing the sports that suit your health conditions and physical strength will bring the best results.
  • Don’t focus on sports that don’t improve your height like marathon and weightlifting.
  • Avoid carrying weights or doing heavy physical activities too often.

5.4. Sleep properly

  • Sleeping time is the golden chance for your body to grow taller. Most of human growth hormone is released when you’re sleeping deeply at night, especially between 11 PM and 1 AM. For an ideal height, sleep 8 hours daily and go to bed before 11:00 PM. Don’t stay up late too often!
  • Keep your bedroom dark, comfortable and quiet enough to have good night’s sleep.

  • Avoid stress and maintain good mental health. This allows your natural growth hormone to be released optimally, and thus boosts your height as expected.

For those who desire some inches taller, height growth supplements can be useful; however, this doesn’t mean you can grow as tall as you wish by taking pills only. Your final adult height is the result of an active and healthy lifestyle during your years of growth, so you should take height growth supplements regularly paired with a well-balanced diet, proper sleep and regular exercise.

THE ABOVE INFORMATION IS FOR REFERENCE ONLY and shall not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or starting any medication or treatment without discussing it with a qualified health professional.